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Villarreal needs at least two goals in a draw with Lyon

The situation for Villarreal

Villarreal did not have any particular problems in the group stage of the tournament, but such are not missing before the rematch in the elimination phase. The Spaniards scored a goal on a terrain, but on the other hand they allowed three and now they need at least two. The loss in France was the third consecutive for the “yellow submarine” and on Sunday the team recorded the fourth consecutive game without winning 1:1 away against Espanyol in a league match.

The situation for Lyon

Lyon has a two-goal advantage before the rematch. The guests, however, should not only keep their lead, which may be fatal. They dominated the first meeting, but now they will find it harder for them. Major players Memphis Depay, Nabil Fequir and Marcello Dias were back in the winning first match and two of them scored. On Sunday, however, they did not help enough for the “lions” and Lyon lost two goals as a guest of Lille in League 1 to reach only the final 2:2.

Villarreal is the team that needs hits in this match. The hosts are not in the best shape, but that also applies to Lyon, who have nevertheless secured a good lead. Now we do not believe the French will drop their advances and even lose the match, then we expect to have a maximum goal difference.
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